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Our Patient Stories

With His Help, I’m Doing Better

“It’s like a family atmosphere and they are very patient…that’s what I like about Dedicated - they give me time and respect.” Hear Phil & Nola describe their experience.

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My Doctor is Fantastic…He’s Like a Son
“Before I came to Dedicated I was running all over town to go to different doctors. With Dedicated I’m in one spot for everything. They show me how to live a better life.” Listen to more of Barbara’s experience.
I’d Like to Go to Dinner with the Guy
“I have a personal relationship with him. He truly is devoted to healthcare providing rather than just making a buck. They make sure that I take care of myself.” Listen to Terry’s experience with Dedicated.
I’ve Truly Been Blessed
According to Adrian, her physician saved her life. “I had no indication I was ill. They caught the cancer before it got bad.” Listen to Adrian describe her experience.
A Personal Touch
“One of the best things about the place is that they treat you like a person. They treat us like family. These people are all welcoming and kind, which I love.” Hear more from Jim and Elisa about their experience.
Keeping It Moving
“It’s amazing the energy I now have that I didn’t have before. I really feel like a new man.” Listen to Gary tell his story.
They Have a Plan to Make It Work
“They greet you when you come in, they’re smiling. They’re concerned about you.” Hear more about Jesse’s experience.