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ChenMed Opens Its 50th Senior Medical Center

Nov 01, 2018


ChenMed Opens 10 Senior Medical Centers in Four New Markets in 2018

Since our founding more than 30 years ago in South Florida, ChenMed has been on a mission to deliver affordable VIP health care to the neediest populations across the United States—low- and moderate-income seniors.

This year we took a giant leap forward in our goal of reaching more of the seniors who need the most care by opening our 50th senior medical center.

In fact, we have been proud to announce the opening of 10 new centers in four new markets, expanding our presence in Florida, opening centers in Bradenton, Jacksonville, and the Tampa Bay area, and entering Pennsylvania with four new centers in Philadelphia. We look forward to working with seniors in these new communities and have already received some great feedback.


Manatee County, Florida, committed $150,000 over the next five years to support the new Dedicated Senior Medical Center in Bradenton. ChenMed is investing $23 million in construction and operational support during the same period. Dedicated expects to create 35 well-paying jobs at the community-focused center, including physicians, clinical support, administrators, and community engagement specialists.

“The new Dedicated Center in Bradenton represents a great opportunity for Manatee County seniors to have outstanding primary care physicians serving as their total care champions,” said Manatee County Board of Commissioners Chair Priscilla Trace. “The innovative medical practice is expected to help thousands of Manatee County seniors enjoy better health, so Dedicated will enrich our community for years to come.”


In Jacksonville, ChenMed opened three new centers, investing more than $60 million over five years and providing about 100 jobs. For two centers, we partnered with Turner Impact Capital, one of the nation’s largest social impact investment firms. “Turner Impact Capital invests in innovative and sustainable health care projects that generate a positive financial return and have a meaningful impact on communities,” said Bobby Turner, CEO of Turner Impact Capital. “Given the improved care and VIP service that ChenMed physicians consistently deliver to seniors at lower costs, Dedicated centers in Florida are exactly the type of projects we look to support.”


Through a partnership with the Philadelphia region’s largest provider network, Independence Blue Cross (Independence), ChenMed has four locations that opened in September and October. At least six more will open in the area over the next five years, representing an investment of $200 million. “The Dedicated Senior Medical Center brand is a unique model of high-touch care,” said Independence President and CEO Daniel Hilferty. “Patients can get outstanding primary care. This is a model that works. It’s been proven. Independence relies on great partners to achieve great outcomes, and ChenMed is the best. They share our commitment to use integrated technology and to building talented and resourceful teams to serve people.”

Tampa Bay

In Tampa Bay, ChenMed confirmed a five-year, $200 million investment where 10 Dedicated Senior Medical Centers are planned to open. This year ChenMed opened new centers in Largo and North Tampa. The new centers were built based on the high levels of interest at ChenMed’s first three Tampa Bay centers. “Remarkable organic growth, prompted by happy patients referring in family members and friends, is why our first three Tampa Bay centers attracted over 1,300 members in just six months, and then about doubled membership during our second six months of operation,” said ChenMed Chief Medical Officer Gordon Chen, M.D.

Seniors often live with complex health challenges, and Dedicated Senior Medical centers provide innovative services to deliver best-in-class individualized care. Dedicated physicians build personal relationships with their patients and offer same-day appointment options for seniors seeking immediate care. The centers are designed to be one-stop shops, including specialists, pharmacy services, X-rays, tests, and screens. To avoid common transportation problems, Dedicated offers door-to-door rides.

ChenMed’s model of high-touch care has already proven to drive successful patient outcomes.

As recently reported in the Modern Healthcare, ChenMed’s approach has resulted in 50 percent fewer hospital admissions compared with a standard primary-care practice, 28 percent lower per-member costs, and significantly higher use of evidence-based medications. A 2017 report showed ChenMed doctors spend 189 minutes face-to-face with each patient annually—more than nine times the national average.

We welcome the 10 new centers into the ChenMed family and look forward to continuing to provide affordable VIP health care to low- and moderate-income seniors in in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and across the United States in 2019.