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How Value-Based Care Puts You First
How Value-Based Care Puts You First

What is Value-Based Care and How Does it Benefit Seniors?


Most people visit their doctor only when there’s something wrong. Because any additional visits can end up costing you more than they should, but this shouldn’t be the case. What if visiting your doctor more often can cost you less and keep you healthy and out of the hospital?

We practice medicine a little differently than traditional health care. Value-based care, or VBC, focuses on the value of your health versus the volume of services performed. Unfortunately, doctors who don’t practice value-based care are paid per service, which may encourage them to “do more” rather than “do what’s needed.”

That kind of care can result in your personal goals or desires being ignored. The truth is, we want you to live your best and healthiest life. Value-based care allows you to do just that. It puts you at the center of the decisions being made about the treatment of your health. Let’s dive in and explore what VBC means for your health as a senior.

What Is Value-Based Care?

VBC is all about prevention. Our patients see their doctor at least once per month. You read that right. Sometimes, our patients see their doctor multiple times a month — whenever they need them. Why so often? The more we see you, the better we get to know everything about you and can develop a care plan specifically for your needs. We track improvements and changes to your overall well-being, which allows for adjustments to your care as needed.

We’re not here to treat only your symptoms. We care about what’s beyond that. We want to make sure your health, quality of life, and daily functions are improving.

How is VBC Different?

A value-based care approach evaluates a person's overall health experience. Of course, we’ll be making sure your key symptoms are under control. But we’ll also be diving deeper into questions about your lifestyle, nutrition, family life, and more. Our doctors take the time to truly get to know you because there could be more going on outside the center walls, and communicating is the key to figuring out any underlying issues contributing to your symptoms. 

Value-based care looks at the whole picture of how a person’s health affects their life and aims to improve it where possible. Through VBC, our doctors are not just providers. They build relationships with their patients and are available to them whenever they need them. Did you know our doctors give out their cell phone numbers to patients? We’re not kidding when we say your doctor is there when you need them most.

Ultimately, we want to make sure our patients can participate in activities that make them feel like an individual and allow them to feel comfortable. A measure of comfort for us is providing our patients with relief from physical or emotional pain or suffering. The goal is for them to be at peace and live in a “normal” manner while receiving treatment, while also taking into consideration that each person’s “normal” may vary.

Our VBC Approach Puts Patients First

To practice value-based care, a doctor must genuinely value their patients. It requires a working and healthy partnership between you and your doctor to communicate health goals, hopes, doubts, and other important aspects of living your healthiest life. It also needs all members of the center’s care team to work together, allowing the patient to feel they are being cared for with a unified front. 

To learn how VBC can better your health, click on “Book Now” to schedule a tour of a medical center near you! 

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