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Medicare Patient

Does your doctor take the time to actually listen? Mine does.

At Dedicated Senior Medical Center, they believe that spending time with you and respecting what you have to say is the key to a longer, healthier, happier life.

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We are a doctor’s office designed especially for seniors.

We reward our doctors for keeping you healthy. We go above and beyond to personalize our care for you and your specific needs. And we deliver all of this with respect, honor, and kindness because, well, you deserve it! 

DedicatedSenior Patient

Our one-stop doctor’s offices mean less hassle and better care.

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Love and respect. That’s our formula for truly better healthcare.

Why Choose Dedicated?

One place to go for almost everything you need.

You shouldn’t have to drive all over town to get the care you need. We put your doctor, pharmacy, specialists, testing, and x-rays under one roof. And we’ll even pick you up and take you home if you need a ride. Why? Because that’s how it should be.

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A doctor who knows your name and your specific needs.

Our doctors see one-third the number of patients of typical primary care doctors. That means they have time to get to know you and your situation. They are the quarterback of your care, making sure that you see the specialists you need and get the right combination of medicine.

Dedicated Senior Medicare Patient

We make it easy to see your doctor.

Need a ride to your appointment? No problem, we’ll send someone to pick you up and take you home again. Want to check in online? Great, we do virtual visits too! Something feeling wrong at 2am? Call us anytime and we’ll pick up. We’re here for you in every way we can think of. 

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