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Maintaining a Healthy Sleep Routine as You Age

We've been told from a young age how important it is to get a "good night's sleep." However, our need for sleep changes as we age.

Maintaining a Sharp Mind: Tips for a Brain-Healthy Lifestyle

As we age, taking care of our physical health is not the only priority. Maintaining a sharp and healthy mind is equally essential. For seniors aged 65 and older, it's crucial to adopt practices that promote cognitive well-being. In this article, we'll explore practical tips for living a brain-healthy lifestyle.

Staying Mentally Active

Engaging your brain in regular mental exercises is like hitting the gym for your mind. Here's how you can keep your cognitive faculties in top shape:

Managing Depression as a Senior

Depression can happen to anyone at any stage of life. However, many older adults may experience symptoms of depression during a period of change in their lives. Experiencing symptoms of depression can occur for a variety of reasons. For some, depression can occur after a major life event or a serious illness, while others may experience depression as a result of social illness and loneliness. Not to mention—some seniors may feel depressed without any reason at all.

Managing Grief and Finding Hope in the Senior Years

As we grow older, the weight of grief often feels more prominent. Seniors frequently confront feelings of grief and loss when reflecting on cherished memories and experiences.

The Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation for Older Adults

If you’re feeling anxious or stressed, perhaps it’s time to meditate. If it feels like you’re too busy to prioritize meditation, you may need an even longer session.

10 Pain Management Remedies to Try Today

Nothing disrupts your quality of life like experiencing unrelenting physical pain. And when it comes to pain relief, be it a natural remedy or medical care, the options are as numerous as the causes themselves. The good news is that you don’t have to live with the pain and can take a number of approaches to find relief and start feeling like yourself again. Here are some safe and effective pill-free ways to treat pain management.

The Impact of Worn-Out Shoes on Foot and Ankle Health

Take heed before you succumb to another Old Navy sandal sale this summer. You may have bought your shoes at a bargain, but are they costing you in the long run?

Adults aged 65 and older are more prone to falls and injury, as well as having more limited mobility, yet supporting foot and ankle health by wearing proper footwear is generally overlooked by caretakers. And worse, shoes are seldom considered viable solutions—and in many cases, may even be culprits, depending on the quality and condition.

4 Tips for Talking to Your Doctor About Pain Management as an Older Adult

Describing the complexities of aches and pains as we age can be challenging, especially in the doctor's office setting. But the reality is, you need—and deserve—relief. Answering commonly asked questions like, “How would you describe your pain” or “How would you rate your pain on a scale of 1-10” may paint a vague picture but hardly dive into the intricate details that would best help your doctor with the next steps in helping you feel better. Let’s discuss some tips for communicating and ensuring your doctor takes you (and your pain) seriously.

How to Promote Sleep Health and Prevent Insomnia in Older Adults

We all know how it feels to power through the day after not sleeping well the night before. We might feel groggy, moody, and less inclined to make healthy choices like exercise or eating nutritiously.

Tackling Obesity and Living Your Best Life in 2 Easy Steps

Nobody wakes up one day and decides they want to be overweight or obese. And obesity is arguably far more complex than people just “eating too much and not exercising enough.” Actually, a myriad of factors, including genetics, environment, stress, trauma, certain health conditions and medications, and poverty, have led to a staggering 1 billion people projected to become obese by 2030—and the dangers of living with obesity cannot be overstated.

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