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3 Gentle Exercises to Make Your Body Feel Better
3 Gentle Exercises to Make Your Body Feel Better

3 Gentle Exercises to Make Your Body Feel Better


While exercise is important throughout your lifespan, it can become even more essential in your later years. Incorporating gentle exercises such as body and neck stretches and breathing exercises into your self-care routine can help your body feel better, promoting overall improved health and wellness.

Not sure where to get started? These three gentle exercises can be performed anywhere at any time to promote relaxation and make your body feel better.

Gentle Body Stretches

Gentle body stretches can help enhance your overall range of motion, reduce stress, and even reduce your risk of injury. For example, the Cat-Cow is a simple yoga pose that stretches your back and core muscles.

To do this exercise, place your palms and knees on the floor on a padded surface. Round your back while slowly dropping your head to the floor, then reverse the movement. A standing Cat-Cow is also great if you cannot comfortably get on the ground. A Cat-Cow stretch is just one of many gentle stretches to release tension and improve well-being. Give them all a try to see which ones work best for your needs!

Neck Stretches

As our bodies get older, the cartilage in our necks and discs in our spine become dehydrated, which could lead to pressure and stiffness. If you experience neck stiffness or pain, incorporating daily neck stretches into your wellness routine may help. Neck stretches are simple and can be performed anywhere.

To start a basic neck rotation stretch, start in a seated or standing position and look straight ahead. Keeping your chin tucked down, slowly move your head backward, then turn gently to the left and right. Throughout each movement, hold it in place for two to three seconds. This stretch can be repeated at least 10 times in each direction, once or twice a day. This simple neck rotation stretch and other simple back and neck stretches can help improve stiffness and make you feel great.

Deep Breathing Exercises

The mind and body are interconnected, which means simple breathing exercises not only have the power to improve your mental state but also can make your body feel better. Performing deep breathing exercises can have physical benefits, too, such as lowered blood pressure and heart rate and reduced stress hormone levels in the blood.

Once you learn techniques such as lion's breath or 4-7-8 breathing techniques, you'll have the tools to help reduce stress and anxiety and help make your body feel better. Over time, you'll learn which techniques work best for you and which you can easily incorporate into your self-care routine.

Incorporating These Gentle Exercises into Your Wellness Routine

These simple yet effective exercises are easy ways to help make your body feel better, especially when experiencing stiffness or aches.

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